Frequently Asked Questions

What technical equipment do I need to play SFP?

Supported operating systems:

PC: MS Windows XP or later

Mac: OSX 10.6 and later

iPad: iOS 5.0 and later

Android: Jelly Bean 4.1 and later (UC browser only)

Supported web browsers:

Internet Explorer 8 or later (IE11 requires Flash plugin installed)

Firefox 9 or later

Google Chrome 20 or later

Safari 5 or later

Recommended minimum broadband speed:

Download: 3Mbps

Upload: 0.5Mbps

Why is the platform not working?

Please check that your equipment meets our technical specifications. If you believe there is a problem, please email us at [email protected].

How long do I have to verify my account after signing up?

You have 90 days to verify your account from the time you sign up. You cannot withdraw any funds until your account has been verified.

I am new to Daily Fantasy Sports, where can I go to get some great coaching tips?

Check out our Blog for helpful information regarding players and match previews.

Can I play SFP for free?

We usually have a small section of free challenges on SFP. To see available free challenges go to

Free entry challenges are available on our Sports Fantasy Free platform where entrants are playing for prizes.

How many entries can I put in each challenge?

You may only put in one (1) entry per challenge.

What happens if one of my selected players doesn’t play or shifts positions just before the game starts?

Each sport has different rules relating to this issue. Please check the ‘How to Play’ section of our website for specific rules for the sport in which you’re participating.

I think your scores are wrong, player “x” shouldn’t have got those points.

The scoring data used in our challenges comes from the official statistics providers for each sporting body. If you believe there was an error, please write an email to [email protected] explaining your concerns. Once statistics have been verified and a challenge is status is marked as “completed” no entrant claim of incorrect, changed or perceived errors will be considered.

Why am I not able to select certain players?

You may not be able to select certain player because:

  1. You have selected them already.
  2. You don’t have enough salary to select that player.
  3. You have too many players from one team.
  4. You have selected your full quota of players from that position.
What is the lock-out time for each challenge?

For a challenge based on an individual match, the lock-out time is the advertised start time for that match. When there is more than one match included in a challenge, the lock-out is the advertised start time of the first match.

What happened to the Private Challenges function that was available in 2015?

We have taken the time to gather feedback from our players and we are currently in the process of creating a new and improved private challenge function. Stay tuned!

How many players do I need to select in my fantasy team?

There are different types of challenges listed on the platform. Please refer to the ‘How to Play’ page.

How can I get more involved in my fantasy footy?

If you want more footy action, visit our social media pages.




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